Mayor Brian Bowman

2019 Golden Dragon Gala Honouree, Mayor Brian Bowman

Brian Bowman was first elected Mayor on October 22nd, 2014 becoming Winnipeg’s 43rd Mayor. He was re-elected Mayor on October 24th, 2018, increasing his plurality and capturing more than 53 percent of the votes cast.

Both of Brian’s campaigns signaled a positive, forward thinking vision for building a city whose population is on track toward a million people, and a vision to unite the city’s many diverse communities and cultures.

During his first term, Brian successfully worked to ensure Winnipeg became a key national voice on racism and inclusion, setting the city on a journey of reconciliation with its Indigenous residents, and adopting the city’s first Indigenous Accord. In his second term, he’s committed to making Winnipeg an international destination for human rights education, leadership, and promotion.

Since Brian took office, the city’s population has grown from 698,000 to over 753,000. Brian has remained focused on building a city today for the needs of a population forecasted to grow steadily and strongly well into the future. He oversaw and supported the city’s adoption of its first city-wide Asset Management Plan, as well as improved public disclosure and oversight of major capital projects.

Brian has been a committed supporter of Winnipeg’s business community including the city’s growing innovation and technology sectors. Brian has supported annual reductions to the city’s business tax, reduced administrative barriers for businesses, and has worked to build the city’s reputation and attract international businesses to Winnipeg such as Ubisoft, an international leader in software development.

Prior to taking office, Brian was a business lawyer and a partner in a major Winnipeg law firm. Alongside his law practice, Brian held many leadership roles across a range of boards and community organizations.

He and his wife Tracy are proud parents of two young boys. Brian wants to build a modern, safe city that his sons can grow up in and be proud to call home – along with all Winnipeggers.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts (Adv) in history and political studies from the University of Manitoba and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toronto. He is the recipient of an honoury CJA.