Mr. Doug Harvey

2017 Golden Dragon Bio


CEO, Maxim Truck & Trailer

Doug Harvey is a true Winnipegger. He was raised in Fort Garry and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba before launching his career as a sales rep with International Harvester, Truck Division.

In 1981, as International Harvester began privatizing its dealerships, Doug seized the opportunity to become a business owner by buying into his first truck dealership in Winnipeg. This was only the beginning. Today, Doug’s enterprises include: Maxim Truck & Trailer (with 16 locations across Canada); Summit Trailer (3 locations in BC and Alberta); Arne’s Welding (Winnipeg); Trout River Industries (Prince Edward Island), and Toowoomba Land Company.

Doug’s businesses employ approximately 1,000 people across Canada.

Doug is passionate about community service and he is as an inspiration to friends, family, and all those who know him. He encourages his employees to take part in their communities and provides leadership by example. Doug serves on numerous boards and industry committees including the Chair of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, Chair of Yes! Winnipeg, Chair of the FortWhyte Legacy Society, and member of the Business Council of Manitoba, The MazerGroup and CentreVenture Development Corporation.




Maxim Truck & Trailer首席执行官


DOUG HARVEY是真正的土生土长的温尼伯人。他曾在Fort Garry长大,毕业于曼尼托巴大学商学院,学士学位。随后在International Harvester, Truck Division作为销售代表开始工作。

1981年,随着International Harvester开始将其经销商私有化,Doug抓住机会,通过购买他在温尼伯的第一家卡车经销商成为企业主,这只是一个开始。今天,Doug的企业包括Maxim Truck & Trailer(在加拿大拥有16家门店);Summit Trailer(BC省和Alberta省有3家门店);Arne’s Welding(温尼伯);Trout River Industries(爱德华王子岛),和Toowoomba Land Company。


Doug热衷于社区服务,他对朋友、家人,以及所有认识他的人都是一种鼓舞。他鼓励他的员工参与社区活动,并以身作则。Doug在众多董事会和行业委员会任职,其中包括 “曼尼托巴癌症基金会” 主席、”YES 温尼伯“ 主席、”Fortwhyte遗产学会”主席、“曼尼托巴商业理事会”成员,“Mazergroup和Centreventure Development Corporation”成员。