Winnipeg is a city of many cultures of which the Chinese community has always been an integral and significant part. Over the last few decades, as the number of Chinese immigrants increased, so has the need for redeveloping Winnipeg’s Chinatown.

In 1981, the redevelopment became a reality with the support of the three levels of government through the Winnipeg Core Area Initiative and the Chinese community itself. The Winnipeg Chinatown Corporation was established in 1981, and in 1983 the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre was incorporated as part the overall development project in response to a survey conducted in 1982 wherein 90% of the Chinese in Winnipeg indicated a need for such a facility.



  • To promote and advance the awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the Chinese culture in relation to the multi-cultural mosaic of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada.
  • To increase understanding between the various Chinese and non-Chinese organizations in Manitoba.
  • To encourage public understanding of matters relating to the affairs of the Chinese Community.
  • To provide facilities for educational, cultural and recreational purposes.


  • 促进和提高对于加拿大曼省多元文化关系的中国文化的认识,了解和欣赏。
  • 加强曼尼托巴省各中国和非中国组织之间的了解。
  • 鼓励市民认识与中华团体事务有关的事宜。
  • 提供教育,文化和娱乐设施