Mr. Ben Lee


Director, Business Management, Stantec

Born in Winnipeg’s historic Chinatown, Mr. Ben Lee has a broad and diverse record of community service that includes leading projects in the health sector, local community centres, and Chinese community. All who have worked with Mr. Lee are impressed with his integrity, warmth, ability to consider a range of opinions, and leadership of diverse teams to reach common goals.

Ben Lee brings to local community work, immense national and international experience developed through his professional career as an accomplished Project Manager and Engineer (B.Sc, Industrial Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1988). He has managed over $1 billion in major infrastructure projects including providing key vision and direction for the redevelopment of John G. Diefenbaker Airport (Saskatoon), Canadian Blood Services Centre in Winnipeg, Critical Care Centre at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre, and the planning of the proposed Cancer Centre. Currently he is Director of Business Development with Stantec.

Within the Chinese community, Ben Lee is known for his integrity, passion, and ability to get things done. Ben Lee has been integral to the current reinvigoration of Winnipeg’s downtown core area.

For the past decade, Ben has served on numerous boards and committees. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre, as well on the Winnipeg Chinatown Development Corporation, Peace Tower Corporation, and two National Boards (Toronto). He has overseen extensive renovations of the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre, the building of a $14M non-profit affordable housing complex in Chinatown, and initiated negotiations for a masterplan for the redevelopment of Winnipeg’s Chinatown that will provide a road map to development and preservation of Chinatown as a culturally distinct area, with vitality for residents and businesses.

Ben Lee is recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award (2012), City of Winnipeg Community Service Award (2010), Winakwa Community Centre Volunteer of the Year Award (2006), and the Raymond Simard Member of Parliament Volunteerism Award (2005).



李榮斌 (Ben Lee)




李榮斌先生作为一名成功的项目经理和工程师(1988年,曼尼托巴大学工业工程学士学位),将其专业的、丰富的国内外工作经验带入到社区工作中。他管理着超过10亿美元的重大基础建设项目,其中包括为重建John G.Diefenbaker机场(萨斯卡通)、温尼伯加拿大血液服务中心、温尼伯健康科学中心重症监护中心提供关键的构思和方向,为癌症中心计划提供建议。目前,他还是Stantec的商务发展总监。



李榮斌先生荣获过女王钻石纪念奖(2012年),温尼伯市社区服务奖(2010年),Winakwa社区中心年度志愿者奖(2006年)和Raymond Simard议员志愿者奖(2005年)。