Thanks for Coming to Folklorama 50th!

The 2019 Chinese Pavilion finally comes to a close with the end of Folklorama 50th! This year was a huge success thanks to everyone! Throughout the week, we watched the Dynasty Building bloomed with brilliant colours from costumes and traditional clothes from both volunteers and outside guests! Visitors got a chance to enjoy delicious Chinese food while watching both traditional and modern performances such as the popular lion dance and dragon dance, and many others! We were able to also enjoy a blast from the past with our History of Folklorama cultural display, where visitors took pictures and shared with us their favourite part about Folklorama. New memories were made and shared while volunteers sat down with visitors and also taught guests how to play ancient Chinese games such as ancient Mahjong and Chinese Chess. As well, many people visited the calligraphy area, and got their Chinese names seared onto wood by a professional Chinese calligrapher and were able to bring them home as souvenirs.

It was an amazing week and we would like to thank our coordinators, ambassadors, performers, and volunteers for making this possible for us. And finally, we’d like to thank you all for coming to celebrate Chinese culture! We hope to see you all next time!