We celebrated Chinese New Year all together! 欢聚新年庆演,感谢有你!

/by Yuki


Congratulations on the successful of 2017 WCCCC Chinese New Year Celebration! Happy time is always short. Thank you to all wonderful performers and volunteers and all of you who were here with us for this great celebration event! Let’s meet at next year’s celebration all together again!


The honourable Philip LEE gave us an opening speech.前省督李绍麟先生为我们致辞

(photo by Jingjing)

Our beautiful volunteer M.C. Yuki! 我们的美女主持人Yuki!

(photo by Jingjing)

The first program is the traditional waist drum dance performed by Manitoba Northern Light Drum Incorporated.开场的是喜庆的腰鼓表演

Fantasy of Jiangnan (江南梦) – Happy Sister Dancing Group

This program brought us back to the poetic scenery of Jiangnan. 这个节目把我们带回了江南水乡

(photo by Jingjing)

A touch of colours花裙摆 – Great Wall Dance Academy

You might have known that we have many ethnic groups in Chinese nation. In this show, the dancers showcased the beautiful festival costume of Miao ethnic group. 中国有56个民族的兄弟姐妹,这个舞蹈带大家感受了苗族灵动小姑娘们的风采。

Aspiration心声 – 藏族舞 – Great Wall Dance Academy

Next we saw the dancers from another ethnic group, Tibetans gave us a wonderful dance called Aspiration. 下面这个舞蹈带大家感受了另一个民族-藏族的奔放热情。

Yang-ge秧歌健身 – Sunny Fitness Dance Group

Yang-ge is actually a dancing style in China with hundreds of years of history and its origin in the everyday farming work. 秧歌在中国有百年的历史,更是来源于日常农活的淳朴舞蹈。

Vice President of WCCCC Dr. Choy and the honourable Philip Lee cut the New Year Cake together for us. 温城中华文化中心请大家吃蛋糕和点心,副主席蔡先生和前省督李绍麟先生还亲自为我们切新年蛋糕。

Auspicious Song (吉祥谣) – Happy Sister Dancing Group

(photo by Jingjing)

Erhu 二胡 – Amy(Yiou Meng)

This was a classic Chinese erhu music. 表演者Amy为我们带来了经典二胡演奏。

(photo by Jingjing)

Guzheng古筝 – Michelle (Xiao) Zhang

It’s also a traditional music show with Guzheng.

(photo by Jingjing)

Chinese Kungfu – Red Mantis Athletic Association

Rhythm Ball柔力球 – 五星红旗&难忘今宵 – Happy Sister Dancing Group

The group photos 最后的大合影

Small gifts of the Year of the Rooster for our audiences! 一些特别可爱的雞年新年小礼物~